How can I win her heart?

So, I've known this girl for basically all of my life. We used to be really close when we were younger, (haha I even knew she had disney underwear! ) but anyway, so as we grew up we grew apart, and I was a bit older. I have liked her forever and a half, and today I finally got the nerve to tell her how I felt. We had spent the day together, and then she told me that she isn't looking for a relationship right now, but she wants to get to know each other again. Is this a good sign or bad? I am so confused on what to think, was this a genuine sign that she really does want to reacquaint?, or is this just a really kind way to blow me off? =[


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  • I think she my be interested. If a girl says that, she is either wanting to get to know you again (genuinely) or she has just been hurt from a previous relationship and doesn't want to get hurt again.

    But if she did say she wanted to get to know you, that's a fairly good sign. Don't be too forward though...don't always start conversations, don't text her all the time, don't call her all the time - you will seem to pushy and she will back off. If she is interested, she will initiate conversation. But don't be too worried if she doesn't do it all the time. Just be her friend, and let her know that you're there for her...then see what happens later on. :)

  • interested yes. If she wanted to blow you off she could've easily done that by not replying . She may actually be telling the trutth, let her get to know you again. See where it goes from there.


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