I need a makeover? How can I improve my appearance?

Would you recommend I dye my hair? Or wear makeup?



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  • Different glasses or contacts. Maybe a lower cut shirt, you have the boobs for it. Shirt also seems a little big for you. Some nice pink lipstick or a nice subtle red. Add Earings and you are good to go.


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  • Different glasses. =)
    Maybe even softer in color and a bit rounder? Try some on in the store, I'm sure you can discern for yourself which ones would suite you best.

    Your hairstyle is really working for you, so don't change it... ;)


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  • First I want to say your are very nice looking as you are. That said, if you want to highlight areas get some professional advice. I usually don't care for the girls working in malls because they are often just sales people, not consultants. I go to Ulta. There I found a good associate that has helped me survive breakouts and taught me how to not over apply products, a common mistake.
    I have a pro portfolio and have done some modeling, mostly for catalogues, magazines, but some fashion runway stuff.
    Wanting to look attractive is healthy for you also. Don't forget to include exercise and workouts.
    Good Luck!


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