I am so lost when it comes to eye shadow, can you ladies help me out?

1) What are the different styles and techniques for putting it on?
2) What colors and styles look best with black liquid eyeliner (for brown eyes and fair skin)
3) Is eye shadow even necessary? Do you sometimes look better without it? Especially with liquid liner, do you look better without it?
4) How should you wear it when trying to play up your eyes?
5) How should you wear it when playing up your lips?
6) How should you wear it when you have a balance between lips and eyes?
7) What colors look best?(Especially for brown eyes and fair skin)
Sorry, that was a lot of questions! I'd appreciate if you guys could help me out though!


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  • You have mineral based eyeshadow and matte shadow. The matte one is used for base of eye. Then the mineral or glittery shadow can either be outer corner to define eye shape or covering lid. You need brushes like real techniques. to get a good finish. Base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush. Look on superdrug, or boots or amazon for real techniques by sam and nic chapman. Pixiwoo on YouTube mke up experts. Palettes you can get for cheap and sleek are good price great pigment. If you want expensive mac, revlon or nars. See tutorials for. more help.


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  • I go to Ulta. They have the best techs. and consultants, not those sales people in the malls. If there's no Ulta near you look for another pro shop.


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