GUYS: this is a makeup question for you!?

Assuming it is done tastefully, what color of eyeshadow do you prefer on a girl? It may differ depending on everyday wear versus special occasions, so please comment on that too :). (Btw I have fair skin and brown eyes so keep that in mind).
  • Natural colors like medium or light browns, variations of skin color
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  • Metallics like silver, bronze, or gold
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  • pastel colors (colors that are light/washed out) like pinks, greens, really any other color that's light
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  • bright colors (done tastefully though, not too crazy) like purple, blue, hot pink, and so on.
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  • dark smoky colors like dark brown, grey, or black
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What Guys Said 3

  • I go more for the natural girl that uses little to no makeup.

  • I like a little glitter.

  • it's been a while since i saw a girl without a eyeliner, these days i ran into girls who wear make up even to gyms, you know like 5 years back most girls were contend with having a shower and putting on some moisturizer, the day will come where girls would go to poop without wearing some stuff on their face


What Girls Said 1

  • My bf likes it when I use grey best and likes natural colors :)


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