Why is it not acceptable?

why is it not acceptable for guys to wear women's clothes? I have enjoyed wearing womens panties and other lingerie since I was 11 of course I also like to wear dresses and skirts as wellbut why is it okay for women to wear mens clothes but not meant to wear girls clothes


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  • It's just the norm...

    And people aren't as open minded as they play it out to be...


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  • I personally find the idea of wearing women's clothing a bit odd and confusing... And that's why *I* am never going to wear women's clothing. Why can't *you* wear women's clothing? I couldn't tell you. It doesn't affect anyone else, so you should really be allowed to do it without anyone attacking or harassing you for it.

    If I saw you on the street in a dress, I'd probably smile to my self and be impressed that you had the guts to dress the way you want. But most people are not like me. And some may never be as accepting.

    So to answer your question, "why is it not acceptable," I'd have to say some people are just too immature and/or total assholes and they just can't deal with something they don't understand or agree with.


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  • Societal norms, fortunately / unfortunately. I would personally not be into cross dressing but I respect an individual's right to choice and hence, I don't consider it unacceptable. If you're able to put with all the weird stares, raised eyebrows and start a movement (akin to the top freedom movement by women), go ahead!


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