Guys, your opinions on makeup?

What do guys think of makeup? Some guys say they hate when girls wear makeup but I feel like it look a lot better with a little makeup (not too much, just to cover up some acne and make my eyelashes a bit more not invisible ;)

Thoughts and do the poll?
  • It makes girls look better
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  • A little is good
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  • I prefer no makeup
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  • I really don't care
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  • I want to see results
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  • Less is more. It's about balance. A little makeup can enhance her natural beauty but it shouldn't looh like her face is painted on.


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  • I prefer less make up because I want to see how real you look. You dont have to apply a lot of make up, it will be a huge turn off for me, especially girls wearing fake contact lenses. Huge turn off...

    "Less is more"

  • I hate anything that messes with the color balance of the skin and messes with the contrast ratio of the eyelashes and eyebrows and stuff. Eyeliners and mascara are my true enemy. I voted C). But I have no real problem with concealer.

  • If you are ugly, put on makeup. If you are pretty, dont use it. As for acne, just follow a good skincare routine, and you should be good.


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