I want to start wearing makeup?

Okay so I want to start wearing makeup to school but I also don't want to not wear it one day and have everyone freak out about it. I'm also worried that my friends will comment on me wearing makeup because I've never worn it before. Help? Thoughts?


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  • I can't really give you suggestings on what to wear because I am not familiar with makeup but I do wanna mention that every girl experiences a first time with it. You are not the only girl to start. And you are not the first girl who possibly freaks others out. So you don't have to be worried about that. Just do your research on makeup first. Then start with something simple, little, and doesn't have strong color so it won't be too noticeable.


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  • Well herein lies the problem with makeup. If you wear it, people like the dramatic features you're playing up. If you don't wear it, people ask if you're sick. Unless you wear your make up very neutral and don't wear a lot of dark colours around the eyes, then it's a better transition. But really, maybe it's just me and my generation but I wear makeup almost every day and have been since I was 14. If I didn't feel like it, I'd at least dab on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara to show off the eyes. I've continued doing this all through my adult life too. Now, I have to go places and present myself to clients and represent my company so I always want to look polished. That doesn't mean every day I have to look "made up", but I do even out the skintone with foundation and powder and just wear different shades of eyeshadow if I feel like being different from one day to the next.

    I guess if you're wearing it for the first time, make sure you wear what is right for your natural skin colour - because all too often teens wear the foundation that they wish their skin was, usually going way off by one or two shades darker or lighter and it looks awful. As for your eyes and lips - play up one or the other but not both or you will end up looking cartoonish. (Me, I play up my eyes and wear a nude lipstick).

    This is who I get told I look like, and yeah of course that's not me, it's Kelly Clarkson, but I have similarities to her face and we both wear our makeup this way. This is what I mean by playing up either lips or eyes. If you go softer around your face and lips you can have more fun with your eyes.

    • Thanks!! That really helps :)

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