A Question About Your Very Life?

Now is the time where I change my attitude and ask a not-so-serious question. This is today's question: What is your favorite kind of pajama to wear and see the opposite sex wear? I've seen several questions like these, but I think that their questions were missing one important aspect: a poll. Let's kick this slumber party off with a bang! Oh, and please: No crude comments about letter E.
  • Lingerie / Underwear
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  • Two piece pajama sets (silk, flannel, long johns, etc.)
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  • Pants/Shorts and a shirt
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  • Onesie
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  • I sleep in the nude
    Vote E
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  • my girlfriend wear one of those red onesies, two words my friend "BUTT FLAP"

  • I wear boxers because they are comfortable and I like feeling my own muscles so I don't wear anything else. With a girl it's gotta be some #mycalvins and I like seeing her wear her underwear. Sexy


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