What will get rid of this?

I've got a small patch of dried out skin under my right eye. It's been there a couple weeks so I'm done thinking it'll go away on it's own.

It's on my eyelid, any suggests as to something that might take care of it?


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  • If it stays dry, no doubt it's a small case of dermatitis (less serious than say, eczema). It comes in varying forms. Get something like emollient or aqueous cream. These are better than normal moisturisers because moisturisers usually have perfumed ingredients that don't help. And lastly check if there's dry skin anywhere else. Then you know to deal with it. Hope this helps? :)

    • How about I try what you suggested then I tell you if it helped? :)

    • Defintely. :)

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  • vaseline


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