Girls, how do you choose what clothes to wear for the day, and what is your morning routine?

*I want to know what goes on.
*Just seems like women in general are more keen on what they wear.


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  • I just sorta flop out of bed and grab whatever is in closest reach (usually ends up being leggings and unflattering-ly large sweater or t-shirt)
    other days when i actually feel like putting some effort in i usually just pick out an outfit the night before hand so i don't have to wake up earlier and pick it out.


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  • Basically I look out the window and if it's nice I lean towards shorts or a dress unless it's the winter it's always jeans. But I just walk over to my dresser open the drawer pull out a pair of jeans or shorts any pair will do and then open my shirt drawer and pull something out. I'm usually pretty mismatch like sometimes I wear a the strangest color combinations like coral pants with a green shirt or something like that. When I'm actually going out I out way more thought into it.

    • Mmmm... interesting. Could you please share your thought process when you go out?

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    • Was to me, thank you!

    • Your welcome !

  • ... I'm afraid I am going to disappoint.

    I roll out of bed, go eat breakfast (M Essentials Strawberry cereal and Strawberry yogurt), then I brush my teeth, wash my face, and brush my hair. Then I go in my room and open the closet and grab the nearest hanger and wear what that is. Then I grab a pair of pants (yes, sometimes off the floor from the day before), and wear those.

  • It kind of goes like "what am I going to wear today? well that's on top of the clean clothes pile... and its not to wrinkly. Let's go with that."

    • : (

      Your profile/ username is making me so damn hungry!!
      That's a pretty efficient method as well.

    • I'm a super saiyan sloth... The less effort the better.

    • Ohhh!!

  • I usually check the weather, decide where I'm going, walk into my closet, pick out my shirt for the day and decide what pants/ skirt matches (if I'm not wearing a dress). Then put it on, stare at myself in the mirror for 5 minutes trying to decide if it looks alright, realizing it doesn't and repeat 5 times lol.

    • Imma start doing that to, minus the skirt!

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    • Yeah the large biceps and lack of breasts kind of throw things off but I gotta work with what I have!

    • That's what a woman likes! trust me. We love it.

  • Well it always depends on what I ate the night before. To keep it real with you, I know that if i ate something gassy (say chilli or whatev) than i know that'll I'll probably look bloated by morning. Therefore I wear sumn loose. But if I eat light the night before, than I know that my stomache will remain flat in the morning, and I'll wear something more tight-fitting. Lol did that help you at all?

  • usually depends ahah i normally just pick the first thing i see hahahha


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