What grooming habits do you expect from men?

List as many items as you wish. Whatever makes a man satisfactory to you.
What inspired this question is the general beauty of women I'm encountering and how they accessorize and pay attention to almost every little detail on their bodies, from their nails to rings and smooth legs to scented lotions.


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  • I agree with @JustBanANNAz he def has to smell clean. that is one of the main things that attracts me to a guy. be it the smell of fresh soap or a nice cologne. guys all have there own scent and it should be a good one. definitely should keep brushed. don't wanna be kissing someone with rank breath. it depends on the guy when it comes to hair. as long as its not greasy and dirty its fine how ever he chooses to wear it. facial hair can be a bit annoying. if he has any it should either be completely shaved off or grown out enough (not like an animal tho) not to scape my face when we kiss. I als o think guys that shave arms and legs are a bit odd. but that's not a deal breaker! its just weird if the guy im dating has less arm hair than me... the look of hands doesn't really bother me as long as their clean. don't wanna hold hands with some guy who just jacked off or took a piss with out washing... lol chest hair is fine if its not too much. if u look like an ape then at least trim it. pubic hair... well it depends on what he expects from me. its only fair that if he wants me smooth and bare down there that he do the same. if he's ok with me just trimming my pubes then same goes for him.

    • So basically... not much is expected. Just the basics. I asked because I noticed how many details a lot of girls consider when grooming and dressing themselves and I wonder if they ever hold a guy to similar standards.

    • thanks for MHO :)

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  • Barber shop every three or max four weeks. I don't mean hair stylist bullshit find a good old fashioned barbershop.
    Keep your side burns trimmed and clean.
    Shave every day.
    Shave your body too if your very hairy.
    Basically the only place that should have a whole bunch of hair is your head.

    • Interesting take on body hair.

  • smell good. own some cologne and deo
    brush teeth everyday. i love a good smile
    im not picky about hair. i love the messy look as well as the neat look
    facial hair- clean shaven or stubble
    nails... at least some of ur cuticle [the white part] should be there and not have it looking like ww3 attacked ur hands-.-
    body hair- DO NOT shave arms and legs. hate that ish.

    honestly if he's missing a few of these things i won't b too bothered tho. looks aren't my primary concern, but just a general hygiene does the world a lot of good

  • Shave your fuckin butt hole so I can lick it without the hair follicles


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