Ladies I wanna ask about my thought about my armpits hair?

im a guy and i got hair laser removal on my armpits.
because i didn't like my armpits hair and i dont know why actually and i used to shave them every time. it began annoying me.
so i decided to do so.
and i won't regret it. i think its better than stubble armpits.
i know some women think men should have armpits hair but i already did this so my armpits hair doesn't grow back anymore.
but i still wanna know womens' opinion


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  • Thank you I love you. Why don't more guys do this. Also what most Gus don't understand is. If you have a bunch of armpit hair and then put deodorant on it's not majoring contact with your skin. So it's not nearly as effective as it could be. Guys please just take a minute and follow what this guy is doing

    • thank you for answering me. actually im japanese and in Japan also doesn't have this culture. i heard more American people and european people do this. so i feel im unusual. but this is what i wanted to do. cuz i feel armpits hairs are disgusting as you guys think. i want shaving armpits hair for men to be more normal from now on

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  • I think pit hair is gross on either gender.

    Also, @aamy811 has a good point about the deodorant thing.

    Of course, everyone can do as they please, but to me pit hair is disgusting.

    • yeah i know. thats what i think too. the first time i shaved was when i was junior high and i liked it. it looks better too.

  • I have 3 brothers and I had to grow up with them walking around the house topless so my opinion may be different to other females.
    To me, I wouldn't mind either way. I'd prefer a guy with armpit hair (not that I find it at all anymore attractive)
    I just grew up with men with hair under their arms so that's what I'm most use too, and what I find more "masculine" you could say. Not that no armpit hair isn't any less.

  • the less hair the better =)

  • I don't know, I think armphit hair on men, is gross is it's there. And weird if it's not..


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