Which one of these haircuts do you think would look best after a wash?

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  • I voted the first, I think all others need extra magic to make them not be in your face.

    But wow, that second girl is cute. She is the most attractive of them all, even with the makeup on. This is what girls don't seem to see, if I imagine her without her makeup she is still pretty damn hot, haha. It's not the mascara lipstick and eyeliner that does the magic here.

    • Hahaha yes... she really IS cute. =)
      So... the first haircut...
      Cool. Had it before, but I've grown it out...

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  • Dianna Agron's. Anything shoulder length would be such a fuss because of the curling. I now have shoulder length bob and if I don't straighten it I look like I just came right out of a Hairspray musical.

    • But for someone who has pin straight hair?
      (mine never curls... o. O)

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    • That's the third one.

    • I think it could still work. Her hair on the photo has clearly been toussled up and textured. You can also do that too with some volumising powder and a bit of toussling up with your fingers. 2-3 minutes. Way less damaging than using heat.

      Or use a little bit of curling mousse, then scrunch them. it would also create a textured, messy hair.

      But generally, bobs look good with stick straight hair too. Just make the front part a bit longer than the back, it will frame your face nicely =) Nicer than the last picture (it's boring)

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