If guys are interested......

in you do they start talking about you and rating you with their mates for the positives and negatives. what if they say sum mean and derogatory things does the fact that they are still talking about you mean that there is sum interest there but they are just being immature?

thank you


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  • guys will say dumb things to cover their feelings & not 'expose" themselves to their mates.

    by the same token, guys can be mean when they get together, so it's very hard to tell form your description whether it's good attention or bad.

    i guess - yes, you've been noticed; better to judge by their actions than their words, though.

    good luck

    • What sort of actions would you describe as good. because its not like any of them asked me out but the comments were mixed and they seemed quite surprised that I was single and not had a boyfriend yet. most of them were taken so they couldn't ask me out. they were quite a few compliments but then my flaws were also commented on so I just don't know rlly. I think one of them was interested but too scared to ask me out.. any ideas ....?

    • Sounds like they were being lads - and kind of rude.

      good actions would be being helpful, doing things for you or giving you things (even if they are weird things).

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