Do you believe in talismans ?

E.g. your lucky bracelet which gives you a wonderful date, lucky pen which gives you good marks in exams, lucky underwear or a lucky T-shirt ? Please comment.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a lucky guitar pick.

    It's yellow.

    Good things happened the day I found it.

    I've had it for four years and it hasn't been lost yet.

    Strictly used for exams and boys. It's never failed.

    I know the thing isn't magical, but sometimes people just do better when they have an aid that makes it "impossible" for them to fail.

    It's like a placebo.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I do. I have this one lucky pendant that I always carry around with me. Whenever I need it, I just clutch it in the palm of my hand and hope everything turns out for the best, and usually, it does work. I also have what I consider to be a lucky deck of tarot cards. Every time I use the deck, it gives me very positive readings all the time. :)

  • I think people wear somthing and have good luck that day and think that whatever they had that day must be lucky but really its in their mind.

  • no I don't ! this is just crap .. just like if you see a black cat , smth bad is gonna happen! ... if smth good happens each time you wear a certain shirt pure coincidence!

  • i have a red ribbon I wear when I play volleyball. its like my lucky charm

  • i believe in them!

  • nope


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't believe in this craziness, but I do wear this green little rubber band thing...

    I never take it off... but not for any reason like that... I don't think anyway.

    It just happens to be my favorite color.

    And has the name of my favorite song by my favorite rap artist.

    Jay-Z - Never Change

    My family of guy cousins, all used to wear rubberbands.

    It was a reminder to perform well in sports.

    We all had one, and always wore them.

    I guess we out grew them.

    All the luck I need, I have with Jesus Christ.

    So I don't really need any thing else.


    A Loving Black Man

  • Not at all.It's just a way of you thinking it's gonna work that will give you that psychology boost.U think "It's gonna go well,because I got my lucky pen in my pocket".It's a way of giving you confidence,but it's only comes because you believe it will work.

    There's no magic just psychology that's all.


  • yeah, I do, because I realize that it isn't the talisman that gives you success, its how the talisman makes you feel.

    I had a worry stone that I used like this as a kid, then a lucky rabbits paw later, then a bracelet from my girlfriend, and currently, I am talismanless..