How to make a good selfie?

How do you make a good selfie? Sometimes you see people who make really nice picture's of themselves with big colorful eyes n stuff, but in real life, they don't really look that good. How do people do that?
(Btw, it took me fcking forever to make a good profile pic and I look like this in real life too)


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  • I have no idea, it also takes me foreverrr to get a good selfie >.< I have to take so many just to get one decent one. I think you just have to try around with lots of angles and also make sure you have good lighting. Natural light usually makes people look the best :)

    • Haha, so you know the struggle? :p

    • Haha yessss, I wonder how do these girls look so perfect in their selfies, when I'm struggling just to get one good one :p

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  • Same thing here. It seems that I just can't take a proper selfie. The basics are a good camera, proper lighting, proper backgrounds, cool clothes. That's about all I know. And many people do edit there pics to make them look beautiful. :)


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