Would an average looking guy date a pretty girl?

There is this guy I like. He's average looking but pretty popular on our campus. He is really funny and is actually friends with mostly pretty girls. I spent a lot of time with him the past semester, and he showed me that he was a great personality and a soft side. He actually has a girlfriend though, that goes to another nearby college. She's not that attractive looking, but we never really talked about her and he ALWAYS made sure that never met her. (he walked right past me a couple times and didn't even acknowledge me when she was with him) I was thinking about telling him I have feelings for him, cause I feel that he has some for me (through various things that he's said/done) Do you think he would be afraid to go out with me? I'm not trying to sound arrogant, but I work at a modeling camp - just for perspective.

Is this even a valid fear or I am just overanalyzing?


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  • I would have to say yes. Guys have a tendency to put pretty girls on an unreachable pedestal but this is no problem if the woman shows the initiative and gives clear signs of her intent.

    ON THE OTHER HAND this guy has a girlfriend. You have already admitted you know very little about their relationship and unless you find out she's cheating him, beating him, or otherwise being abusive its your role as his friend to stay out of it and not ruin it for him with the girl that for all you know he could be getting married to.

    • "I would have to say yes. Guys have a tendency to put pretty girls on an unreachable pedestal but this is no problem if the woman shows the initiative and gives clear signs of her intent. "

      this is something ALL GIRLS SHOULD KNOW. and the funny thing is its not something that should have to be said because its pure logic.

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  • unless you know for a fact he's unhappy with his girlfriend or she's mistreating him somehow I would let it go because for all you know they may be happy together and for you to screw up their good thing would be selfish. if however you find out she's being dishonest, cheating, mistreating him, whatever, then by all means he's fair game.

    to answer the question about pretty girls I think that to a guy who doesn't have a lot of self confidence being very beautiful can sort of act like a barrier. its very intimidating and keeps them away. like a previous poster said however none of this is a problem if the girl takes the initiative.

  • Its not really a valid fear, as a general rule, people have no problem dating "above" themselves. The only thing you might run into, is an average guy might be intimidated, and hence, not make a move on a pretty girl. SO if you are this type, and feel that you could intimidate them with your looks, you simply will have to be willing to make the first move.

  • if he do have a girlfriend why don't you let it go? some average guys are afraid to approach pretty girls for a simple reason that they're afraid of rejection and that's about it. but you said he's being friendly with everybody so I don't think he's interested in you because if he was he would make a move.

  • I'm sure there are hardly any guys that would make a problem out of dating a pretty girl, He might not dare to ask you out but that doesn't mean that if you ask him out he'll still be scared.


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  • WTF? Your question screams arrogant! The very first thing you comment on is his looks, and 'he is actually friends with mostly pretty girls'. I agree completely with Anonymous.

    Also, if he's friends with pretty girls, why would he be intimidated by one?

    I'm sorry, but you seem to think way more of yourself than you do of him.

    • Guys are intimidated mostly by girls he LIKES. I have some pretty girl friends, but I'm not attracted to them and most definitely not intimidated... its the ones that count that guys are pussies to do anything about (haha)

    • I totally understand that. it's the same with girls, I was just making a point. . .lol

  • yes, but you shouldn't interfere with their relationship - seeing as he's mostly friends with pretty girls, maybe he just likes the attention and leading you all on.

  • yes

  • While you say you are not trying to sound arrogant, you do. The first thing you note about his girlfriend is that she is not that attractive--what the f*** kind of mentality is that? I don't know if he has feelings for you or not, but he has a girlfriend so I would just leave things alone. That's what I do when I find out guys are already taken. And even if he did dump her for you, what would that say about him? That he'll dump you as soon as someone better looking comes along? Secondly, he might be ignoring you because he doesn't want his girlfriend to feel threatened. Maybe he really cares about her and doesn't want her to think that just because there is someone prettier, she should feel threatened. Maybe he is completely in love with her and that's why he doesn't want to dump her for you--ever thought about that? If all he wanted was a pretty girl, he'll go for it. Like you said, he has a great personality and is surrounded by pretty girls so I'm sure he's had chances.

    • LOL what she said. Everyone has different tastes, that becomes very obvious when I talk amongst my male friends. Maybe this girl is attractive to him.

    • I agree with her. but on the other hand I don't think you sound arrogant, I think you sound realistic. nothing wrong with telling it how it is!