Am I finally going to be famous and so stylish?

its happen I was interviewed for a better magazine called voix ,
its a new one coming out soon with its first issue and I be included in it as an artist.

they have platinum producers and artist in it too.

if keep getting magazine will I be famous?


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  • If you become famous, can I have your autograph, so I can sell it on ebay for megabucks? :D


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  • I think it's finally gonna happen for you soon

    • its might I had music supervisor on Twitter favort my tweet after send music for the movie she working on and with over 4000 I even one company that submit more my music for tv and movie placement. I can't afford travel and network so tv , movie placements and magazine are only avenue right now and maybe later live shows in NY LA

    • OH and some from shade 45 also ask to submit on twitter. yes Twitter is way , some got discovered on Twitter

    • their is something called unsolicited submissions and very common in music industry so if any ask you submit that's good thing.

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  • you're gonna be a baller dog. you're my hero.

  • never heard of it got a link?

    • its new it has even come out with first issue yet so not promoted intill release day

    • ok cool when it's real lets us know

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