Girls who are attracted to guys that look like women?

I've been noticing a trend lately where girls will swoon all over these guys who look more feminine than masculine. I wouldn't ever want to look anything like them though... I'd much rather look like a man.

They are into this:

So is that a rare anomaly or a small percentage of women? I'm curious to know what your thoughts are. lol.


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  • There's actual science here, if you're interested. Though note that I'm not certain how precisely accurate it is. It's partially based of studies I've read, and partially just based off common sense. Evolutionwise, the best way to ensure that one's offspring survive is for the offspring to be strong and well cared for. For them to be strong, it's best to have a mate who is physically very healthy. For them to be well cared for, it's best to have a mate who will stick around and be good at raising children. For some reason, (not sure if this is just perception and assumption or if there's an actual correlation) men who appear more feminine also seem like they will stick around and be good at raising children.

    The reasons the standards for what is attractive may be different nowadays are as follows: Firstly, nowadays there's not as much physical prowess needed for survival, so a physically strong mate isn't as necessary. Far more important is that the children are well cared for and have parents that can support them. For this, more feminine men seem more appealing. Secondly, birth control. Birth control is very prevalent nowadays, and one of the most common methods is the pill. What the pill does is basically make the woman's body think she's already pregnant. Because of this, the hormonal responses are altered. So the woman's body would be looking for a partner to raise the child with, since she doesn't need the genes anymore. Thus, she would be more interested in feminine men, as they would be better child-raisers.

    So basically that. It is however worth noting that all women are different, and these sorts of preferences will not hold true for everyone. Also, societal gender roles may also play a part, as nowadays people in general are given more leeway to act unlike the traditional roles of their gender, so they will be more accepted if they do.

    • Thanks for MH!

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    • It's the way of the world we live in, as it seems...

    • Makes sense to me. I've heard this all before

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