What kind of men do leather jackets suit best? well they suit me?

I'm considering buying a nice leather jacket soon, before I go to Uni. I've never really worn any before.

I'm 6 foot 6, but in terms of body type I'm quite skinny. I've been gaining a lot of weight/muscle over the last 3 months.

Otherwise, I'm thinking about a bomber jacket or an aviator?


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  • Most of my guy mates have leather jackets, its something you should have in your wardrobe. Something quick and easy.. Not to overdress or casual. Any body figure can wear it quite well.
    I think your more of a trench coat type of guy..
    your tall and your skinny so that would look good on you

    • But I'm beefing up quite substantially... I've gained quite a lot of weight so far. The weight from quitting smoking, and then the weight I've gained from lifting and eating shit loads :P... Trench coats are pretty sweet too though, so I may just get one and then a leather jacket too... but I'm hoping it won't be too expensive :) thanks.

    • Hehe shop around, im sure you will find both at a good price, even online shopping like ebay for example. Go try them on in stores so you can see what you look like in the, look for the style on ebay and pick out your size and go from there!

      Thanks for MH aswell hehe! Have fun shopping! 😏

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  • I think every wardrobe needs to have AT LEAST one leather jacket.
    Leather jackets scream "badass" and they look good combined with nearly every other piece of clothing.
    I'd say go for it.

  • I love leather jackets on guys... but I see it as kind of a dressy thing to wear... I don't think it depends on the guy I think it depends on what you wear it with... I'd say wear it with jeans

    • Definitely lol.. and I'm 100% a jean kind of guy... I thinking with skinnyish black jeans and black shoes :)

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    • Hmm... guess I'll check the brown leather too :) ... might look quite nice actually! We talking navy blue jeans right?

    • Yup they're the ones :):)

  • Just make sure it fits. I think fitted leather jackets look way hotter than bombers. I'd wear black leather with grey jeans or faded jeans and brown leather with faded jeans.

  • Leather jackets look good on every body, but, find a type that suits you, since there are different types of leather jackets.

  • I love them on dark haired, dark eyed men.
    It depends on body type too, but I remember it looking good, I don't remember why. xD

    • Well I'm the opposite of that lol... I'm blond, buzz cut, blue eyed with a goatee :P

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