Has anybody had experiences with their jean legs curving outwards?

Every pair of jeans I have curve outward (if you where looking at your pant legs from the top, the mid part of the legs by the knees would curve to the right on your right leg, and the left on your left). My legs are perfectly strait, but when I wear my jeans it looks like I have a moderate case of scoliosis. Is there a way to counteract this? Why does it even happen?
When I said scoliosis I made a mistake. I actually meant rickets.


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  • If it's just the one pair of jeans - they were obviously tailored wrong - manufacturing error.


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  • I have no idea why it happens you could try ironing it. someone could be pulling a prank on you

    • Lol I live with my mom and she's not the type to do that. I have a pair of jeans that did that from the time I tried them on in the store to now. I'll try your suggestion.

    • maybe your mom is pranksta!

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