Ladies, im male and I tried brazilian waxing for the first time. your opinion?

i just wanted to try this so i did it.
and its not that bad actually. it feels better. now i wanna know how women react if guys get brazilian waxing.


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  • That's kind of hot actually. I've had fantasies of shaving a man so yeah lol. I heard a Brazilian is surprisingly relaxing.


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  • My honest opinion is that I prefer a guy have pubic hair. No guy I've ever been with was shaved or even trimmed and I'm so used to it that the idea of seeing no hair is actually unappealing. I would feel weird if he's smoother than me down there too.

    Also I went for that wax once and never again xD It was too painful for me. I just use hair removal cream and viola, everything gone with no pain :)

  • I prefer my guy to have pubic hair. But it's your area so what you choose to do with it is your choice. I have yet to be waxed because I've heard it's so painful. But I am clean down there. More power to you lol


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