Was my boyfriend comparing me to another girl?

One day my boyfriend was talking about how pretty (not in a weird way) one of his relatives is. But then he's like "you're hot, but she's beautiful...she could be a model". The way he said it upset me, because I thought he was comparing us and saying that she was prettier than me. But why would he think one of his relatives is prettier? Why would he even say it like that in the first place? He always tells me I'm beautiful, but he never says it like they way he did about his relative. I guess he was just saying that I'm not pretty enough to be a model. But I asked him about it and he said that it came out wrong and that he didn't mean anything by it. Of course he's going to say that to keep from hurting me. He also told me that he just included me in the sentence, because I usually get jealous when he says another girl is pretty and that he just said it wrong. I just don't know if I should believe him. So was he really comparing me to her and thinks she's better looking or did it just come out wrong like he said it did?


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  • I think it's weird that he can evaluate the physical appearance of any relative. It's very weird.

    If it were me, I would not stick around to find out what his next move is, because I would not want to be associated with incest.


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