So what am I doing wrong?

My boyfriend is on vacation and I never call him because I don't want to bother him. All I ask is that he call me sometime during the day and before he goes to bed just so I know he's ok. He's been gone for a week and drinks every night there so whenever he calls it's either 6 A. M here or 3 P. M when he wakes up. But whenever he does finally call he acts like he hates talking to me. It really really hurts my feelings and I ask him to please stop being a jerk and he says I'm being an idiot. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I don't bother him at all I don't even text him! I let him call me whenever he wants to but our conversations never last more than 5 minutes. He acts like I'm an idiot for missing talking to him because it's "only been a week" So what am I doing wrong?


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  • The one thing I know you are doing wrong is making demands on when he should call you. Men seem to have this disconnection when they are being nagged or demanded to do something.

    Look at it from his point of view. He's out partying with the guys having a blast and he's heading home to sleep off the night. The last thing on his mind - is F* I have to call her before I sleep. You know where that conversation is heading.

    Now imagine this scenario: He's out partying with the guys having a blast, he takes a shot and thinks about the last time he was with you. He gets home, and picks up the phone to call you just because he wants to hear your voice before he hits the bed.

    Honestly Jezibel, if you want to make this right. Next time he calls, tell him to enjoy his time, and not to worry about calling you each day and night. Let him know that you are thinking about him and tell him something sexy that he can look forward to when he gets back.

    "Babe, I know you're having a great time, go have some fun, just know I'm thinking about you and when you get back, I have some. Waiting for you. " let him take that in and PLEASE end the conversation before he does. "I have to run now, heading over to Victoria Secret with (insert friends name) to look at some new lingerie they just released". Now call your best friend up, and hit the mall - get out of the house and have fun yourself.

    Let your man be a man, and be a lady he wants to come home to. Don't ever be his mom or big sister - they're just not that hot in Lingerie!

    • PLEASE do what Kaleina says. She has great insight into a man's psychology! And don't think or blame him if he doesn't call you every day. There is a universal saying: "if you love someone - you have to let him go! " GIVE him time / space to think of you!

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  • I love getting calls from girls because it makes me feel like I'm being thought of. But if one were to demand that I call her at a certain time every day, it would lose that meaning and become a chore.

    There's a few other things, he might think that you think he could be out with other girls, and if he's not that kind of guy (which hopefully he isn't) it may bug him thinking that you think he's that way.

    I know it isn't my place to comment on this, but be weary of a guy who calls you an idiot just because you told him he hurt your feelings. That's not a sign of healthy communication on his part.


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  • He on vacation how much longer will he be gone I would talk to him when he gets back. Could he possible be cheating or do you think he being real and honest with you and just partying it up with his buddies

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