Girls: opinions on blonde hair on a guy?

I have blonde hair and I style it but I wanna know what girls think of the colour? It's a fairly light colour


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  • I like blonde hair on guys. Like he could be a hideous troll monster that should never see the light of day ever but if he has blonde hair that automatically makes him significantly more attractive to me. Like, he could be a straight up 0 but with blonde hair that makes him a solid 6. And we all know there aren't 0's out there. So if he's say, a 6, he automatically becomes a 10 (this can be lowered by personality flaws, of course). :p

    • Weird... Just from a hair color? O_o Not to mention only found in Caucasians.

    • Yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm like, super into blonde hair I guess.

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  • It depends on who you are, how you style it, how it looks against your skin tone, the length, that all matters to some girls, such as myself. It just has to work for you, some guys can't pull off blonde, some can.

  • as long as he has a big dick i dont care


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