How do I ask my boyfriend to let me wear his clothes?

My guy has a black t-shirt and I'd love it if he let me wear it to school. (I'd probably wear it to bed too.) Or if he'd just give me a couple hand-me-downs. Jeans, T-shirts, button-up shirts. And if he'd be willing to give me a little bottle of his cologne. ;) How should I approach him about it? What should I say to him?
(I have a fantasy about wearing his black t-shirt around his room with just a cotton bra and panties under it.) ;)


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  • In his place I'd be open to this - I like this aesthetically and it suggests devotion.

    If you're anxious, you could trade items of yours for items of his - though try to make it something that he can use or something that can be a comfort like an object that either smells like you or a scent that you use frequently.


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  • Just ask him nicely, I mean don't ask for everything at once but i'm sure if you just ask like " hey babe, i really like your shirt could i borrow it sometime?" he'll say okay.

    and as for your little fantasy, I do that with my bf's favorite hockey sweatshirt, so comfy and so fun to sleep in


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