Why is my make up doing this?

I not long brought some makeup for my birthday and it goes on nice and looks good. After a hour or so it goes very dark and looks like I caked it on.
I brought the CHI CHI makeup and some Natio I got it matched to my skin colour.
My makeup
Natio pure mineral face primer
Natio moisturise
CHI CHI Fabulous and flawless foundation ( it's a cream and it's 2 fair)
CHI CHI real minerals light foundation
and i use my thin lizzy as a bronzer

What can i do to stop this and I got a tutorial and it did the same thing after the lady did it with all the same make up after a two hours
this is what it looks like just after i haven't taken a pic when it goes dark


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  • Most makeup is made of pig fat. eyelash makeup is made for bat poop. And lookup ( foreskin face cream ) yes it's baby boy penis skin

    • look at this guy acting like he knows what he's talking about. because shops are going to actually sell a product that is made of baby boys penis skin for us to apply on our faces. r u messed?

    • Look it up. Lady . Foreskin face cream. U never would believe what's in what

    • The company that makes it is ( skin medica) So have fun and don't think all men are dumb

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  • Maybe the products you are using don't match your skin type. If you have oily skin for example, it would look messy if you used oily products on top of that. It's good that you use a primer, did you try a powder to finish of your look? There are "setting sprays" you could try and use (MAC has a good one), some people just spray a bit of water over their face to make their make-up last longer.
    Maybe you need to work on the amount of product you put on? Don't use to much.
    The best advice I could give you is just to go to a professional store, and get advice about your skin-type.

    • I did that and the ones the lady picked out were a match. they are all oil free too. she told me to use the real minerals which is a powder foundation to do the finish with the thin lizzy

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  • A lot of wet foundations will oxidize on the skin. That means as your foundation dries it will actually change color, usually a shade darker. I'm having the same problem with my current foundation, which is frustrating. When first applied it matches my skin perfectly, then a few hours later I'll notice it to be slightly darker than before. To solve this problem I'm just going to purchase a lighter shade of foundation to compensate for the oxidizing that will occur. I don't think you are doing anything wrong, but you can put "oxidizing foundation remedy" in your search engine to see if there are any professional solutions.

    To stop my makeup from looking cake-y I abide by the "less is more" rule. One or two thin layers of foundation will give me the coverage that I want without making me look like I've piled it on.

  • hey girl,

    firstly, great choose of products. nice and 'healthy'.
    i have a few suggestions:

    1. dont wear all of these at once, especially the base products. honestly, u dont need them all and all they do is add an extra layer to ur makeup.
    2. dont apply too much. while it may look good at first, it will begin to clog up ur pores as u head out into different conditions.
    3. it could be your skin's reaction to the makeup. maybe the oils secreted are what give that slightly darkened appearance, or maybe its just some humidity in the air? if so, plan a good skin care regime to keep ur skin cleansed.

    hope that helps a bit=]

  • Some make-ups do have this effect. You need to change it. Maybe try a new brand.


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