Is it just me or do girls with side bangs look really cute?

I don't know why but I love it so much. Maybe because my first crush had side bangs. Hmm...
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  • I remember when that used to be really popular two or three years ago back when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school. I used to have side bangs but I stopped after a year because they were a pain in the ass and I suck with hairstyling. I'm back to normal hair :)


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  • What are 'side bangs'? I only know of 'side burns' on guys.

    • You could have searched on google in the time it took you to comment.

    • And you too could have just mentioned it here, in the time it took for you to comment!

      By the way, I'm on my work laptop now on which most third party sites are blocked (which includes Google). Somehow GAG opened, and I'm asking/answering questions here while waiting for my client to respond.

    • They're similar to normal bangs except it's more to the side and doesn't cover your full forehead

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