Mothers: at what week did you get maternity clothes?

I am close to 13 weeks and getting big.
I'm 5 foot 6 inches, and was 34c-25-37 before I got pregnant. At 6 weeks my jeans didn't quite fit and I was up to a 34d. I am unquestionably showing at 12w5d.


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  • Lol... I've actualily always been chubby and i thought that I would have blowed out when I got pregnant... well my first child and Im happy to say that Im having a boy and only now at week 27 are people noticing the pregnancy... they say boys are bigger then girls but its depends a lot on the mother body... congrats!

  • So for me I didn't really show show until like 5 months and when I did I was all belly I didn't wear maternity clothes I just wore leggings or dresses all the time or bigger jeans but once I couldn't button them it was all dresse or leggings from there on out.

    • I've read that many first timers don't show until later. Turns out even though this is my first, I'm not one of those. Some people thought I might be having twins.

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