Any clothing tips for working in a cold office?

I just moved to a new job, and I work at a desk and it's freezing! I'm not used to such huge AC. Everyone else seems fine. Any tips on how I should dress and still be work appropriate?


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  • Wear a thermal shirt from underarmour under your button down. Try wearing thermal (fleece lines) tights under your pants. They're not too thick but they're so freaking warm. The ones I order are from Amazon called Angelina plush tights I believe and they're pretty inexpensive ($13).

    • Great idea!!! This is perfect. I wonder though, will I be ok getting to and from work wearing those? I don't have time to change at work and it's easily mid 70s outside these days :) What do you think?

    • I've worn the under armour shirts in warmer weather before. They're not super warm (they're tight so they don't insulate a lot) but they add enough warmth for colder temps. Instead of the fleece tights you can't try regular leggings instead; I know a lot of people actually do this. You could also look for blazers made out of wool or a warmer fabric and just put it on at work.

    • Thank you for MHO :D

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  • Wear linen or two layered clothing !!

  • Could tell them it's too cold

  • I once wore starwars pajama pants, a low weather long sleeve outdoors shirt, and a parka to work after my boss told the office that he wasn't going to be turning on the heat when it was 20 below freezing outside and then he kept the thermostat at 62 degrees. I wouldn't suggest my brazen approach of "fine, fuck you then" but the basic idea is to wear layers. Two pairs of socks can be a gift from god.

    • Curious to know what happened with that one... haha

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  • Long sleeved sweater cardigans are professional.

    • Thanks! I have to appear very formal (formal office), so I'm stuck wearing a dress suit (blazer and pants), so I'm wondering if I can pull off the cardigan under the blazer? Is that strange?

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    • Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. I'm not sure I can find a formal enough cardigan lol. I'll try for a long sleeved shirt under the button down that should be undetectable. Now what about my lower half? :)

    • You're welcome! There is a slip made out of spandex that's pretty adaptable to all temperatures. Maybe some shorts of that material under whatever skirt you wear. A pencil skirt could hide it best.

  • Look around at what everyone else is wearing for ideas. Dress in layers, bring a sweater or two. If you get to warm or cold, you can always adjust accordingly.

    • I always wear formal attire (due to the job) so that means dress suits every day. I wear pants, blazer, and blouse and I'm still freezing. Any thoughts on how I can layer up that look? Thanks!!

    • Oh hm, yeah it's tougher when there's a uniform or a formal dress code.. you could always bring a cardigan, if you find you can't add additional articles of clothing, maybe see if you can just find some thicker or heavier materials for your clothing choices?

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I could pull off a cardigan but under my blazer, not sure if that would look very good. But someone above suggested a long sleeve sweater under a button up, under my blazer. I think that should do the trick. Then maybe some tights or leggings under my pants. I'm just going to be boiling on my way to and from work haha

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