Why are girls attracted to guys?

I'll accept any perspective, from straight forward scientific to far out realities and intuition.

How do woman see men, this perception naturally pervades my male mind, but please challenge me. I honestly want to know.


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  • How they stand out! I see men as someone... who is tough, strong, not afraid of anything although for me that's really hard to find...It's just the way they carry themselves, the way they look and act - men by nature are supposed to have these strong chiseled features that woman adore and I as a woman love that! Men they look like men - rugged with broad shoulders and this strong physique. But apparently to all the studies the only reason women are attracted to men is to see whether the kid is going to be attractive - in other words we look at men and if we find them attractive then our kid will be attractive! To me that's absurd cause I really don't look at guys for that - if I them attractive, I find them attractive that's all there is to it!

  • I like a guy that is funny, will do some thing for me. don't want a guy who will do everything for me I can do things for myself, I also like a guy who is nice,sweet. Find all of those hard th very hard. :)


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