A guy I'm interested in has a slutty girl tattoo and I can't help but find it a turn off?

I love tattoos and have one myself, so that's not the issue. I'm pretty sure he's interested in me since he constantly stares at me when we're around each other. The only thing I am a little put off by is this slutty girl with big boobs in a bikini on his arm. It's not a pin up and it's not really well done, which makes even worse. He's covered in tattoos if that makes a difference to anyone. It also makes me a little confused since I'm rather skinny with small boobs. Am I over thinking or does this potentially say something about what kind of guy he is?


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  • Its nothing more than a tattoo. he's not in a relationship with it haha. If you like him then brush it aside because its on for life ;)


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  • Ask him about it.

    Guys like to talk about themselves, and their tattoo's.


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