GUYS: Cute OR Cut the CRAP? :)

I just met this guy, we both like each other. he flirts with me, I get shy, Smile looking away! because am still not really used to him yet.

I never flirted with him 4 the same reason. but sometimes when I accidentally say something that shows am interested in him, he starts teasing me. I blush & deny it :P in stupid way.:P

BUT he likes it & says stuff like : it's ok, you don't have to explain yourself, I'm flattered...etc

he told me that he likes it when I get confused this way!

but am wondering:

is it okay to take my time till I feel fine to flirt and Be myself?

OR Should I change my attitude. maybe he'll get sick off me

cause I know he is a Popular guy who is used to girls flirt with him alllllll the time


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  • it can be cute, but if you know he likes you, throw him a bone once in a while :P


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