Who takes much time to wear clothes including all.. men or womes?

Who of them you think who takes much time in wearing clothes including all.. with undergarments and uppers... is it men or womens. who of them.. resons and examples for the same question.


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  • Getting dressed?

    Obviously women. For starters, we have extra garments to put on. Also, many women wear accessories and such. But what delays it is usually choosing the outfit.

    I normally take 45 minutes to get ready altogether: teeth + shower, make up, dry hair, get dressed.

    I tend to prepare my clothes the night before, so I don't waste time trying to choose in the morning.

    If getting dressed in general, then that takes just a few minutes.

    • What extra garments. . been to be putten on.. y u think so.. the 45 minutes can b reduced to 15 mina.. I mean y to choose the outfit for more than half an hour.. I mean u can get to put your clothes and under garments in your bathroom at night only.. if u have to rush for an hour..

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    • Do how make your undies match with yout boob covers

    • absolutely the guys don't have to wear them all.. but we look at them.. to.. how much pretty she looks in them.. as they are the most important part of your body. Bra's and panty do redefine your body.. and makes it shape.. so how much time it takes you to decide in which combination to be used.

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  • women + clothes = men + games


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  • Women. I think this question is redundant since it's common knowledge that women take more time to get dressed in the mourning.

  • I also am not like most girls, it may be a habit now considering I wake up 20 minutes before my bus leaves and still have time to get ready and pack my stuff. I really only need 5 minutes exactly to pick an outfit and get dressed. But don't think I'm sloppy with my cloths and all I actually have a sense in style js. But when I shower I could stay in there for the whole night and I would think it was 20 minutes

    • Omg... u r so crazy.. about shower.. but what about matching undergarments. .. do u have enough time to match em up..

    • Why thank you I know I am crazyXD
      Yea I guess I do, lol I mean I don't think it's that big of a deal since no ones going to see it but yea I guess.

  • I realize I'm quite different than most girls, but I have and do get ready faster than pretty well anyone else I know. I don't wear makeup, don't shave. My underwear never matches. I have lived with straight male roomates who would take at least 45minutes in the shower... Have no idea what they where doing.

    • That gives me an answer for them... they might sleep or masturbate thinking about a female roomies.. well.. what kind of undies and bra covers u use...

    • Tell me what varieties of them are in with you

  • Depends on how much a guy cares about his appearance bc I've known guys that take as long if not longer than me to get dressed. Women taking long to get dressed is really just a given.

    • I have been known... that th3 females take long times I dreasing.. as they have many materials to wear in and out.. as well as make uo.. I case man.. even don't try much up

  • LOL women hands down. if we are being general, that is.

    • Hahah.. completely agree... but what u think makes you to take time..

    • well just that we have more outfit options than u guys.
      u also dont have as much hair, or need to shave ur arms or legs in the shower:P

    • Hey hey.. hold on.. we have lots of hair... I love to have them.. which makes me to look male... even u don't take time in choosing under garments

  • Women. We take make up as an essential and it takes more than 5 minutes... Plus we look at our full wardrobes and there is nothing to wear.


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