Okay Ladies...LOOKS...How much do they really matter?

Okay, here it is ...the brass nails of it all. But before I go further, I want to add a quick disclaimer...I know how important a sense of humor, a great personality, and of course just basic chemistry are to a relationship, but this question isn't dealing with those.

I have heard a lot of women complain about how superficial men are, and how we only want one thing. So, here is your chance to voice it out.

When you first see a man, what are the qualities that really help you determine whether you really want him or not.

If the waiter brings you a drink, and he points across the room to the young gentleman that just bought it for you...what determines if you accept it.

If you're in the grocery store, and you see the man picking out the perfect melons...hehe...what makes you determine whether you are going to by a c antelope that day or not?

Come on ladies...do you notice the bulge in our jeans like we notice the bulges in your blouse before you ever even talk to us?


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  • Well I think looks do matter.50/50 looks and personality you have to have both.

    I think Ricky gervais is hilerious,but I wouldn't want to go to bed with himLook initilly attract a person but personality is what seals the deal and keeps them around.

    What I would be checking would be his height (im 5.8 and I like my men tall),his eyes,if he smiles it better be cheeky looking,how he is dressed/style,how he carrys himself-if he looks relaxed,self assured but not arrogent,if he looks like he has good hygiene.

    Ive never liked pretty-boys or men who are tarty and spend more time in the mirror then I do lol.

    Also not obsessed with body image and is cnfident in his own skin-but this is personality,sorry I digress.

    My man,the first thing was his height and come-to-bed eyes,and he matched all the things above and has a nice butt to lol.

    Men are not so superficial,they are just less subtle.


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  • Looks do matter, but how much they matter kind of depends. Sure, I can just see somebody from across the room and be like "I want to have sex with him", but if I'm looking for an actually meaningful relationship, looks matter less. Usually I have to get to know somebody before I determine whether or not I want to have a relationship with them, which takes time. And, hell, I've grown attracted to people I wasn't attracted to in the first place after being friends with them for a while.

    But, um, to get to your other questions, what features do I find attractive on just, like, random people? It's kind of complicated. Like, I am often attracted to a combination of features, and not just like individual parts of guys. But, um, I guess I am generally attracted to guys with muscle-y arms and chests and abs, but, again, it depends. I have also been attracted to guys with little to no prominent muscles.

    I'm sorry if that came out confusingly.

  • If I were sent a drink by a guy across the room, of course I would be more likely to accept it and start a conversation with him if he is attractive. But it's more than being good-looking, as the things I find attractive include 1) he appears close in age to me, 2) he looks laidback and relaxed, 3) he looks like he takes care of himself, 4) he doesn't look like he takes SUCH good care of himself that he spends 6 hours at the gym and primps for 2 hours before going out. He could have the most handsome face/body in the world but I would be immediately disinterested if he didn't have the qualities I just listed.

    No, I don't think I've ever noticed the bulge in a guy's jeans. Unless he was wearing skintight Wranglers, and then I'd be looking more out of amusement than attraction.

  • - the way they are dressed

    - their weight

    - their hair

    - their height

    those are the first things I notice, and if all those qualities were in my range of attractiveness, then I would give them a second look at the grocery store... while they were picking out the perfect melons :P

  • ok I'm gonna answer your question from the "when [we] first see a man, what are the qualities that help [us] determine if [we] really want [the guy] or not" viewpoint.

    these are the things I'll notice (in order), first of course I'd be drawn to his face, if it ranges from reasonable and above. then I'll look at his sense of style, if he bothers to dress well then good, on to the next criteria - his behaviour. I'd see if he's cocky and thinks whatever he's doing is gonna succeed in sexing me at his apartment, or if he truly intends on getting to know me better, etc. of course if he's the cocky type I'm not gonna bother.

    obviously looks play a part when things like these happen, because you don't know the person and all you have left to judge whether you'd go ahead with getting to know a guy, is his outer appearance.

  • When someone says looks don't matter, that's just bullsh*t.

    Looks matter to me. In a guy I look for height, weight and facial features. I think it's different for everyone. Everyone is attracted to different features and sizes. Some are pickier than others. For me, because I take good care of my body, I would want a guy who does the same, but to a girl who isn't into the whole toned lean body thing, she may find a guy who is a bit overweight attractive. Everyone is different.

    Looks are just the first step in meeting someone. After that, it's all about the personality. I have met good looking guys who turn into ugly guys, and good looking guys who turn into even hotter guys. Summing it up, looks are just the basis. You wouldn't want to wake up to a face you aren't attracted to every morning right?

  • guys are lucky in the sense that girls aren't AS shallow as guys. Of course looks matter, but if good looks are matched with an ugly personality then it makes him ugly.. I have fallen for guys that weren't the cutest.. but the way they treated me made them cute

    • Not all men are shallow...well...not completely shallow...LOL

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