Either I've seen Mean Girls too many times or I'm just really paranoid and somewhat insecure?

Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Regina compliments that girls skirt, but then she talks really bad about it after the girl leaves? Stuff like that erks me. I can take a compliment but I never take it seriously because of stuff like that. Like today I was talking to this girl and I noticed she kept staring into my mouth. Its like she went into a daze or sumn. She started talkin all robotic like "You.. Have.. Really.. Pretty.. Teeth." Like you wanna smile but deep down you really think "Oh crap are my teeth still white from this morning? Hope they're not buttery or anything." And like with my friend... If i feel I'm having a bad hair day, I'll be like "Gosh I need a perm, my hair is nappy!" But then she's likes "No it ain! You have really good hair!" I don't know maybe its just me, but I can't take too many compliments to heart. And I also hate when people go "Girl you look like you lost weight!" And i wanna be like "You doofus! I'm bloated at the moment and have gained 5 whole pounds!!" Lol idk, thats just me.. Do you take compliments to heart?
  • Most compliments make me paranoid and insecure for some reason.
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  • Nawl, I know I'm the shii.. Everything I'm told is true!!! (Ummm sure.. Okayyy if you say so)
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  • Girl if your worried about this give them a fake compliment back and the biggest smile that way they can't sleep at night either lol. But honestly don't worry about it, some girls so fake they havetto give you a compliment to make you feel bad... I know it don't make sense that how they at


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't mind a compliment and I'll usually say thank you but what I don't like is the word "today" when it comes to compliments. One time when I was working at one of my old jobs, I had to walk in, in my penguin outfit (suit and tie) because I didn't have time to go home and change after work and I had an orchestra concert to perform in. My coworker didn't know I had a concert that day and she said "well, don't you look handsome today". She was 50 some years old, so, even if I liked her, I wouldn't have taken it in to consideration but anyway, I said "thanks" but in my mind I'm thinking "how come I don't look nice "every" day. Why do I only look nice, now?

    • Lol thanks for explaining. I'm a bit slow and literally thought you had to where a penguin costume to work at first haha. But OMG yes!! I hate that word too. Like dang, "So was I toe up looking yesterday or something?" I mean maybe some people are genuine with it, but I don't know its really hard to consider

    • I just don't like that word. Otherwise I would have been happy with the compliment

What Girls Said 3

  • Yup that's me. I'm a perfectionist, so even when things are done well (and I know it). I still can't accept their compliment. I still just assume they're lying and laughing about it later, or they just said it to make me feel good

  • I take them seriously. im on point so there really isn't anything they could diss me about

  • I think that people who give me complints just want to make me feel nice. And it's not working...

    • Awww.. Buy maybe some of them are true :)

    • When the people that give you the compliments are your friends or your family it's not encouraging enough. Plus I hate the way I look.

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