Girls: What are the 5 hottest things about a guy?

Physical features and personality too. What makes a guy attractive .at least 5 characteristics please...Reason is that I'm going back to school and I'm good looking but I want to meet girls in all my new classes.


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  • Intelligence is most important in my opinion...I like a well-read guy, someone educated that can engage in interesting conversations.

    Sense of humor.

    Honesty/straightforwardness...doesn't play games. I hate games.


    Looks wise: doesn't matter as long as he is in good health, exercises regularly, showers daily.

    • Lmao @ "showers daily".

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    • More like disgusting.

    • I can't go more than 24 hours with out a shower. Unless I'm sleeping. Even if I had to work on a car or something..I shower before and after. A lot of my friends make fun of me for this but there IS a difference between being dirty and getting dirty under a car and being clean and then getting somewhat dirty from a car etc. I don't know how to explain it, but there is. I have pretty sensitive skin so I can feel when my face gets too dirty or oily. It's disgusting. I wash my face alone several times a day

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  • In no particular order...

    1) Confidence (carries himself well, believes in himself, stands up for his beliefs)

    2) Intelligence/ambition (wants to learn, wants to improve himself, wants to succeed, can carry a conversation about things other than his own interests)

    3) Honesty/true to his word

    4) Friendly/social

    5) Healthy (probably the most important when it comes to looks.. all guys look more attractive when it looks like they take care of themselves)

  • every one is different for me it is :-

    1 - Eye's

    2 - There smile

    3 - Legs have got to look good in black pants

    4 - There nose I don't like really big noses

    5 - personality

    • Everyone is different,,, hmmmm so then your saying their personalities then?? like my question I posted on here,,

    • What was your question post a link.

    • It's ok I just looked up ur question and yes I agree personality I think does play a big part in your choice.

  • 1. cofident to talk to girls

    2. great smile and uses it often

    3. good sense of humor

    4. attractive body-tight abs, muscular arms and biceps style of clothes

  • ooo I know! ^-^

    1. great body language; confidence is key.

    2. smell good.

    3. look good but at the same time don't obsess; not everything is about looks.

    4. work out.

    5. have a killer smile.

    those were not at all in order, but I would have to say those are some good ones. ;)


  • body, sense of humor, confidance with out being cocky, the ability to actually be nice, nice jeans.

  • confidence, clear skin, bright smile, tall, aggressive

  • 1. personality

    2. sense of humor

    3. eyes

    4. smile

    5. loves books

  • 1)eyes


    3)sense of humor



    good luck meetin some girls! :)

    • Check

      cheeeeeck(working on that)

      check baby

      yeah I guess check

      definitely check

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