Clothes Crisis for a High School Girl?

I have recently been organizing my closet and I noticed that most if my clothes consist of bland dark colors like black and gray and a little bit of purple. Gah! How can I change that? I'm not a shoes kind of person (I've only ever had running shoes and winter boots, sandals make me cringe) so I was wondering what should I do? And how many? It always feels like I wear the same outfit almost everyday and it's driving me crazy! Also for all you high school girls, what's in your closet? What are your staple pieces and how many clothes do you recommend? How can I stop being a bland blah?


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  • Try adding a few cardigans, denim jackets and scarfs to your outfit they can change up an outfit. My staple pieces are my denim jacket my black blazer. Maybe try different colors or even different shades of black and gray. I hope that this will help 😊


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  • i like high-school girls who choose tomboyish clothes LOL


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