Clothes for coming season?

Moving in campus house again on monday. Trying to see whats "trending" and hot for coming season. Shopping today (Dont make me feel like beta fag, Ill whoop your ass)


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  • im not to sure how American campuses work so i would suggest:

    a black leather

    jacket jeans and shirts ( try to get different colours and different styles but keep it simple you don't want to look like some macaw seeking attention also mix and matching gives you a new look everyday) also because a splash of colour in a sea of darkies is very eye catching i also suggest the colour red

    if its cold for your build i would suggest a v neck jumper they can make you look a lot sexier if you play it right.

    good socks under wear (cant be attracting bum chums now and if you get lucky)

    coat (rain proof even if its thin you have the jumpers to wear beneath it)

    sneaker and then sensible shoes

    also try wearing a watch it makes you seem responsible, efficient good convo starter and depending on the watch it makes you look sexy...(remember "sexy" not pimp")

    hope this helps

    • oh and make sure everything fits properly idt many girls like the whole saggy pant thing and so on but also it help you posture and confidence... confidence=sexy/hot

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    • What? Noo. I can't pull off goth? Baha I wear sleeveles jerseys to polos

    • polo's work try a polo instead of the white shirt i recommended in my message

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