What are some good products men should use grooming or other stuff to help look their best?

Obviously deodorant and brushing your teeth, but what are some other good products.


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  • A good face wash to help prevent blackheads & acne I always good. Also, a good oil free moisturizer, because it gives you glowy soft skin, helps prevent wrinkles & flaky dry skin!

    • Well I don't use a moisturizer lol.

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    • Do guys not normally buy that stuff would I look bad if I did.

    • I live in California, it's normal here.. But if you lived in say, Kentucky.. I think it would be more rare lol But no, I don't think it would look bad, there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself! If you look good, you feel good & vice versa!

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  • Good clothing sense: Find a nice style that's personal to you and when you are ready to pick up some girls then dress a step above what you think is casual because for most guys what they think is casual is stuff they wear around the house.
    Facial Hair and Hair: Find something that fits you and your tastes that looks "neat" regarding head and facial hair. Pluck some ear and nose hairs (not necessary but its going the extra mile)
    Face: Facial Cleansers and Acne Products (Body or Face)

    Browsing this website has tips on stuff that gets women's attention:


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  • I stick to AXE products. Also musk colognes, such as Nautica blue etc. A good shaver with several tips for shaving beard, mustache and under chin. I used to use shaving cream but then elected a shaver that does not require shaving cream - good investment in long run. Use after shave cologne to fight bacteria.

  • Use facial cleanser then moisturizer every day. Exfoilator once every three days or so.

    Use eye cream from your twenties onward to keep those wrinkles at bay


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