I have a great idea for a new social network. I just need to know what I need to do to make one?

I know that I would need to learn coding but what else is there to do?

Have any suggestions?


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  • Connections.

    • Who can I trust?

    • That would be entirely up to you...

      Think of it like this. Heisenberg wouldn't have built his reputation if it weren't for Saul Goodman, who knew a guy who knew a guy.

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  • A good knowledge of HTML and CSS is crucial for designing any website. For interactive sites you'll need to know Javascript. You'll also need to learn a server side scripting language. PHP seems to be the most popular option (and my personal favourite) but there are many popular alternatives like ASP. NET and JSP. And since you'll inevitably be dealing with databases you'll also need to know SQL.

    You'll also need sysadmin skills. You'll be running an RDBMS and a web server at the bare minimum so you'll need to know how to configure and use them.


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