What's your dream girl? Physically and personality traits?

Just wondering: like how tall, body type, body shape, hair, skin tone, how she dresses, ect.
Personality: what traits would describe her?


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  • 5'7. Figure 8 body style. average weight.
    ~ Talkative
    ~ Sense of humor
    ~ Sense of style
    ~ Flirty
    ~ Adventurous

    Thats all I can think of.


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  • She would need to be around my height or shorter.
    A normal body type, i don't like too skinny or too fat.
    I prefer long hair, can be a pony tail or whatever, really though, as long as it suits her its good.
    How she dresses isn't too much of a concern, as long as its not like a jacket everyday... I had a gf i dated for 4 months, i liked her, but all she wore was a goose jacket, kind of a turn off.
    Smile, i love a good smile.

    Personality traits is really what definds her.
    I like a girl who is smart and mature. I hate girls who when you try to talk to them, they don't understand what you're saying.
    Funny. I've had to many 1 sided relationships with this, she has to make me laugh.
    Chill. I want to be comfortable with her, like i am with my friends, we can mess with and troll each other, we shouldn't have to worry about what we say (as long as its not actually rude.) Almost like we're best friends as well as in a relationship. I've always wanted this.
    She's similar to me. I like to prank people, i'm funny, i can take a joke, and i'm a gamer.

  • Her funny accent
    That white beautiful face
    Average height of 5'5 to 5'10
    White Angel dress , (Chudidhar in hindi)
    Skinny body,
    That cute smile which makes me go maddd
    That shyness nature which makes me move towards her
    That eyes brows which r oddly shaped in cute. Manner

    Oops looks like I just described my crush
    Sorry for that :)

  • Youuu... :p for me the perfect one should be shorter than me, blone (no problem if she's brunette), Dresses with style (sweet like a candy), beautiful smile, blue eys (no proble if they arent), red lips, and clean... She should be honest sweet, confident, in humor, ready for games, flirty, curious about new things, romantic, ready for adventures (adventurous) etc.. hope helped

    • What do you mean by youuu... :p

    • To be honest i just had a look in ur profile bfore i answered... and there was a thought telling me that she's totally perfectt she's even a society butterfly..:pp

    • Lol, I wouldn't say I'm perfect by any means, but what you described sounds a lot like me. I still have my flaws though. Everyone does.

  • 5'6", i am 5'9"
    Body average/athletic/slim
    Small / medium breasts
    long hair - preferably brown or black
    - excited ( playful )
    - cheerful
    -adventurous , likes to travel and explore new places
    - faithful
    - likes children ( i intend to have them )
    - enjoys her femininity and doesn't despise being a woman
    - likes to cuddle
    - is not a sex maniac and she hasn't had a long list of guys before me.
    ugh... i guess there is a lot more but i can't think of anything more for now...


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