He just won't throw that underwear from her away!

my boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and seven months. Back before we dated he cheated on his girlfriend with another girl ,lets say her name is mary. so mary went out and bought my boyfriend a thong as a joke. I went over to my boyfriends house and saw these two shoe boxes that he has his fan on, I knew what was in the blue shoebox (pictures of exes and notes from girls and etc.) and I asked if I could see what was in the red box,when I opened it I found junk until I came across the thong, I asked my boyfriend to throw all that stuff away and he just REFUSES to. I cried for four hours at his house. he says I'm too controlling but I think he should have thrown all those things away along time ago when we became serious. WHAT SHOULD I DO? :( how can I get him to throw it away? is it wrong of me to ask him that?


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  • I have a small box of pictures. In it contains pictures of me and my ex that we shared together. And despite me being happy meeting someone new for the first time in years, I can't bear myself to throw them away. They were some of the best times of my life. But I don't look at them and think of her anymore. I merely keep them cause it's my history with her and no one else's. I don't see this as a bad thing.


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  • In my mums garage I've got a box and its full of letters from my "first love" lol,i mean there must be about 30 letters.

    I haven't thought about these letters for years,not since reading your post actually.

    People keep things,it doesn't mean anything,i look back on that time as a closed chapter in my life but its also a part of my history.

    I can see why youd be upset,but it is just a pair of knickers...there is no girl in them anymore,its your knickers which he is interested in these days.

    I think the fact he has it all stored in a box mixed together should show you that he's not sitting there missing or wanting any of these girls...they've just all been chucked together out of the way,and you found this thong in a load of junk,right? What does this tell you?

    Its just the past,its no threat to you.

    • Omg sorry I've just seen you put SHE brought him the thong,right?

      Lol,its just a joke thing then you have even less to worry about!

      Seriously,there are much worse things he could do.

    • Yeah that's really good advice, I guess I just get so worked up over things like that. that is true there is no girl in those undies, I guess the fact that he refused to give them away because "he can have them" made me think, well why do you want them? I don't know its just that he has lots of different girls pictures in there that made me so upset.

    • Cha I know what you mean.

      Most probly he wouldn't get rid of them not because they are particularly important but the principle of you know?

      Go round and see him and give him a pair of knickers bet they don't end up in a box of junk ;o)

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