Black girls beaching their hair and lifting all color out?

I want to lift all of the color out of my hair and wear it white, but I'm scared how the process will kill my hair completely. I have 4b/4c hair and it is 7 inches long. Is it worth dying or will it fall out? ._. White afro, I don't straighten my hair.

Any tips for dying and maintaining hair like this?


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  • Everyone's hair dyes if you bleach it that light. That's why you don't see a lot of people walking around with it. You could always go to a salon that tests your hairs strength and damage tolerance for that bleach. You can always bleach a small patch and see what happens.

    • maybe I can dye an inch of patch... That way if it doesn't work out I it can be dyed back. Thanks for the idea!

    • Yup. Make sure to keep your hair oiled and moisturized for better keep. You could ask the stylist if bleaching a shade at a time would be better.

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  • It's not gonna end well. I've yet to see black girls who've bleached their hair and it ended well. Bleach is just way too strong. Plus I think I saw somewhere that bleaching (or coloring you hair with any kind of lifting agent) is really drying, and black hair is already dry enough. That's one of the reasons it falls out when you bleach it.

    • Maybe I'll just by a white wig :l

    • If you want to go all out completely white, I think you should opt for a wig too. At least that's reversible.

    • I bleached my hair it ended great. Till I went red, apparently red is one of the harshest colors anyone can put on their hair three hair dressers told me.

  • You won't know unless you try it. No one's hair is the same. Have you dyed your hair before?

    • No, I've never dyed it :/ It makes me nervous, because of all the horror stories.

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