Trying to get a new style of clothing/fashion? Any suggestions?

I have never really been one to dress with the trends and all that because when I grew up I didn't really care. I mostly only wear, shoes (converse), jeans, and random graphic tees. It's actually getting a little bit boring... does anyone have any styles or whatever that you'd think I'd look nice in? Nothing formal btw. I look weird in those outfits...
Any other outfit our clothing ideas?
Or** not our lol


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  • I think a vintage rock and roll/hipsterish style is hot on every girl, but no one does it so you can try that


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  • No.

    You have to figure this out for yourself.

    Find a picture of a girl with the clothing you like and try to dress like her. Then your own style based on that will develop through time.
    Anything anyone tells you to buy won't actually be what you are. O. o


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