Soul music in america?

Hi just wondered your opinion on these two fantastic singers, writers and peformers, that changed the face of music! im a 38 year old white guy from uk but never heard such great music!
  • sam cooke
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  • james brown
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  • Soul music is fantastic. There are many other artists to explore. Otis reading, Al Greene, Stevie wonder, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles

    • yes im aware of other greats but these two fellas just really inspire me a lot and the words and simple lyrics are beautiful and a great reflection on that great spirit of black folk!, hope im ok to say that couldnt think of another way to say, i love it though!

    • "It's A Man's World" should be required listening for all women's studies majors

    • dya know if that was released today it would not get played, but the skill and poetic way it is sung its not politcally incorrect at all its a great great song

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