Makeup confusion..

this is a simple one for the guys

Bold or natural makeup?

What do you like better on girls?


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  • ok, I know I'm a girl. but I also know quite a bit about makeup!

    With makeup, less is usually more. but that doesn't go for everybody. Some girls look really cute with bold, flashy makeup because it goes with their style. Wearing makeup is not a crime, and its nothing to feel ashamed of. It can help improve almost any look. The question is HOW do you decide what works for you? What goes with your look and your face?

    Mostly, just make sure that what your wear is comfortable and not poorly applied. be bold with color if you wish, but not with quantity. Find something that flatters you. You don't have to stick to one look all the time either. Embrace your individuality and change it up when you feel like it!

    A few rules of thumb - the fairer your coloring is, the less you can get away with. Generally, fair-skinned blondes and redheads should stick with a more natural look. Brunettes seem to typically be able to pull off darker, bolder looks. However, this is all subjective to your individual face. A rule that applies to everybody - play up your best feature, and make sure it's just ONE. Otherwise, your look becomes too confusing, and excess may distract from what you REALLY want to bring out.

    Overall, the best advice I can give you is to experiment. Try different things and find something that suits you. And remember - it's all about attitude.

    • Awesome answer. It really helped me :)

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  • look this up in the search bar and you'll find that most guys prefer no makup. or if you insist on makeup, then they prefer it looking natural.

  • Well I keep reading about people thinking the natural look is better but in all honesty I look WAY better with make-up on. I'm not even being self conscious or anything, it's just the truth. Though saying this I don't usually pack it on. I use concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara & occasionally lip gloss. If you're going to wear it though make sure it matches your skin tone and don't cake the foundation on. I see lots of girls with orange faces and 15 layers of foundation on and it's seriously a turn off.

  • Au naturale

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