How Can I Make The Most Of What I've Got?

I'm 17, male and I apologise deeply but apparently i'm quite good looking, sometimes I think that possibly it might be true but not that often. I'm not shy around girls but at the same time I wouldn't say i'm confident enough to walk over to a girl out of the bloom who I find attractive and try to chat/flirt with her. The stupid thing is i've never actually even kissed a girl, partly because i'm picky but I won't lie i'm sure confidence has also played a big role. Basically, how can I make the most of what i've got? Just saying 'Go over and talk to the girl you find most attractive' won't help me one bit as i've actually tried that before and was turned down due to the reason being that she doesn't know me well enough which was true as we had barely spoken. Also keep in mind although I can talk to girls comfortably if they are sitting next to me I wouldn't say I know many girls at my school well as I only joined last year.


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  • If you are good looking. Then all you have to do is 'ignore' it. Girls are like a good looking guy, but they'll be even more turned on by a good looking guy who isn't arrogant about it. It's like the saying: "Good looking guys are common, quality guys are rare" Something along those lines. Don't rely on your looks during your life, develop other skills so you are a well rounded individual, always respect and be courteous to other people especially people who are not as genetically gifted as you. People/girls will notice, and have huge respect for you doing that.


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