I bought some glasses today...

but I have a thin face and my glasses ARE small but they look big on my face.



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  • Is there a question here?

    • Umm..... I guess it would be " does it matter if it looks weird on a persons face or is that not important to a girl if he only wears em at home?" ... or would you think that he looks weird and not hot as some people are when they wear glasses. because I don't with these ones.

    • A guy I was seeing wore glasses and he looked way hot with them. I dunno. I would have to see them on your. But if they are making you self concious then why not go back to the store and exchange them for another pair that fit well and don't make you feel self concious. I mean glasses aren't cheap. So if you're going to get them make sure you walk out just as confident and happy as you did walking in.

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  • If you need them to see, then wear them. Duh. And if you hate them that much get contacts or a new pair. Hope this answers the 'question'. Hah.

    • I do have contacts but I wore them so much that if I continued my eyes get infected because of too much contact use... so I needed glasses and I need a "rest" of 1-2 weeks off contacts now. so I got some glasses but they look weird lol

    • Hah, well don't worry about it. Glasses tend to make people look more sophisticated and more intelligent.

  • I'm sure they look fine on you


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