HELP!! Hair Trouble!?

Probably a dumb question but my hair is quite long and always gets in the way of pretty much everything. When I wear it down it has no volume, goes flat and looks horrible. If i curl my hair, it drops within half an hour. When I wear it up, it never stays up and constantly falls out of the hair band, makes me look like I have a washed-out bigish head. I have blonde hair that reaches just above my waist. I have pale skin and blue eyes (might help with anything yous would like to opinionise on)

Any help/opinions would be great and highly appreciated :)
What should I do with my hair?

Btw, i am not getting it cut/shaved off before anyone suggests it.


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  • You could try putting it in a bun or make a french braid (they look super-cute imo). You have no idea how lucky you are. I've been trying to grow my hair for like forever. Don't cut it! Long hair is awesome!

    • Aha thanks! Yeah everyone always comments about my hair. Especially becos the colour and length is 100% natural. I dont wanna get it cut too short; short hair is meant for dudes and long hair is meant for dudettes :')

    • I agree with you! Plus, if you cut it you will probably regret it.

  • Too shame you don't want to cut it. I'd sugest you to cut it to the length of the shoulders and keep it messy... It adds volume and it's really cute.. Now I think you should use more mousse or hairspray to keep it curly and add some volume.

    • When I was younger my hair was mid calf nd then I got it cut to my shoulders. I missed my hair a lot, so decided im never going down that route again, But thanks for your advice :)

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    • I don't love straight or curly. I'd love to have wavy so I would be able to manage it...:D

    • Hahah good point :)

  • I think this website can help you.

  • LMAO... Well I think you should try your stylist. Maybe you have some color damage. Personally my stylist is growing out all them harsh chemicals so that it stays healthy. It was a process but in a month it will be ready for the way I used to wear it. I have learned that coloring and dying and certain things is just not good for my type of hair. Just my life experience

    • I dont dye my hair...

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